Sunday, 31 December 2017

2017 a Year in Review

Here's a round up of the highlights of my gaming and painting year. I'd say it's perhaps been my busiest and most enjoyable yet with easily the most output by a wide margin. In no particular order;

French cavalry

In this project I worked to double my quota of French cavalry which required Gendarmes, Men at arms and Mounted Archers. The work required ranged from very laboured and intricately painted Gendarmes to converted / sculpted Men at arms and Mounted Archers.

This was a real labour of love which took several months and towards the end as I wanted the figures to be ready for a particular game I really felt the pressure to get them done.

It was certainly worth it as they are perhaps the unit that I am most proud of and they're very imposing on the battlefield. Moreover though it may seem somewhat idiosyncratic I'm especially pleased with the attention to detail and proportions of troop type, they have a historic rather than generic feel to them.  

Landsknechts in French Service

Staying with the French I was keen to have a unit of Landsknechts in French service. I seem to have to be in the Landsknecht zone to get them done but when I'm there I just don't notice the time pass. Again I've paid particular attention to detail and used historic sources. A year doesn't seem right without a Landsknecht project and you can never have too many ! 

Tudor Infantry

Slowly replacing my existing units with those in base coats as well as creating new units has been to my mind a necessity for the Tudor army.

The year began in a fairly laboured manner of converting every figure which took quite a while. However the kind support and encouragement from Oliver James of Steel Fist miniatures led this in a new direction with the creation of the Tudor Dollies which easily halved the time it took to create the figures. This then led to a brief foray into casting and making the figures available for sale. I've been really surprised with how well these have been received and where I've sent packages to.

Carts & Artillery

This was a fun project with multiple diversions. It began as the creation of a converted Tudor heavy bombard which then required a bespoke cart for which I ended up with 3 interchangeable loads. To round it off I then created a scene for a Wargame of pioneers and soldiers working to lift a mired gun from a river.


What a year it has been for gaming. Where do I start, well the main focus this year along with Oliver Green has been to playtest and develop our amendments to Lion Rampant which has involved a lot of correspondence and some really fun gaming weekends throughout the year. I've also inflicted this upon Simon Chick both in Home and Away games which was great fun.

Most recently I've gone to the effort of getting some bespoke dice made to add to our games which I'm really looking forward to using.

Moving from skirmishes to big battles I was invited by Michael Perry to Nottingham to take part in an excellent Franco Tudor game in the Summer which was an absolute pleasure and a great social occasion -  I think I even managed it without requiring morning after paracetomol this year !

Last but not least I've had lots of games as part of what I have titled the Jeff's shed Wargames Association here in South Wales. True mini games from a variety of periods with a beer and general catch up.

That's just about everything of note, have a look back over the blog posts of the year if you're interested in more of the detail. It's been a blast and I'm looking forward to where 2018 will take me.

If you're interested in some dice or dollies drop me an email;

Thursday, 21 December 2017

French & Tudor Custom Dice !

To personalise my early Tudor games of Lion Rampant I have commissioned some bespoke Tudor and French dice.

I was limited in choice of dice, spot and image colour but I think they're pretty good. The images are laser printed and replace the 6, there was the option of having them die cut but this was well out of my price range and had a high minimum order number.

First up here's the Tudor set in white and red. I considered green and white but I thought the images worked better in this combination. The images are a Tudor rose and a Dragon Rampant from Henry VIII's coat of arms.

For the French set we have Louis XII's porcupine and a Fleur de lys on red dice, the red and yellow work rather well as a contrast to the Tudor dice and these are also Louis' livery colours (and Therouanne for that matter)

They're all 16mm which is a little larger than what I usually prefer but any smaller and the images would have been obscured. Here they are on the board for an idea of scale, some French Adventuriers let fly a volley of bolts into a unit of Tudor bill;

The bill then close into combat with hard steel;

They're rather fun and I thought I'd offer them up for sale. I don't have any stock as I've no idea of demand so I propose to take payment up front and place a bulk order to the manufacturer at the end of January.

Thereafter I will consider holding a stock of them and possibly trying some different colours and symbols depending on how well they do. I hope that's fair and that those who are interested will accept the initial delay.

If you'd like to place a pre-order please send me an email stating your address and how many you'd like and I shall respond with a postage inclusive payment request via Paypal. Once payment is received you'll be added to the list. 

All being well I should then be able to get orders out in the first week of February.

My email is;

They are priced at £10 plus P&P for a set of 12 offered as follows;

12 Tudor Rose
12 Dragon
12 Tudor mix pack (6 of each)

12 Louis XII Porcupine
12 Fleur de lys
12 Valois mix pack (6 of each)

Some basic P&P rates*;

UK £1.50 First Class
EU £4.00 International Standard 
USA £5.00 International Standard 
Australia £5.50 International Standard

*International standard has delivery time 3-5 working days EU and of 5-7 working days USA & Australia. The prices above do not include tracking, if you'd like this please state and I will respond with a price inclusive of tracking.

These prices are based upon a large letter which will cover up to 4 packs of 12, contact me for a price if you'd like more.

This pretty much rounds off the year for me hobby wise. I've got a few more archers on the go which I'm hoping to get done over the Christmas period but I may get distracted, more on those in the New Year.

It's been a really fun year for the painting desk and gaming table and as ever I've a head full of ideas for 2018, we'll just have to see which ones materialise !

Thanks again for your support and encouragement and wishing you a very Merry Christmas to you and yours.

All the best